peer to charity funding

Connecting philanthropic investors with charities and good causes.

Sourcing, monitoring and completing on an investment or financing can be a challenge, not only for the charities and good causes, but also for organisations and individuals who may want to provide help but just do not have staff available to focus on it or the available time to progress it.

p2cf | our mission

For the borrowers

we offer exceptional rates and terms, depending on lender intentions.

• rates can be negative, which means that the debt is reduced and/or excused as the project progresses or meets certain milestones.

as with all borrowers, we also offer accessibility to additional funds and extensions as well as support & guidance throughout the term of the investment, and beyond, from our panel of experienced professionals.

If there is an event, a building, an extension or a project that we can potentially help with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For our benevolent investors

we will set up the terms based on your requirements, from gifting part or all of the funds to setting up easing repayments or low interest loans.

Investors and/or their organisation(s) will typically benefit from the tax deductions of granting gifts or providing funding.

above all else we provide reassurance that all investment monies are being appropriately channelled in line with intentions.

We get involved directly to support the good cause projects and as such are ideally placed to provide regular progress reports and updates.

By investing in charitable and good cause funding individuals & businesses may be able to reduce taxable gains, defer taxable gains, and with our assistance provide help to the needy, all at minimal risk.

We actively seek out charities and good causes that need support and then work a package to help them.

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The Phillunds

We are in the process of setting up a new funds, the aim being to have available funds to proceed on short notice to provide support in urgent or time sensitive situations that meet key criteria set out by the investors.

The trustees of each fund vote on the projects presented at short notice.

The trustees are separate from the directors of p2cf to avoid a conflict of interest. is to be a charitable subsidiary of

Donations and support toward our charitable efforts are greatly appreciated, or simply support us by investing in a project.

So far our directors have supported, and intend to continue supporting

• East Anglian Children's Hospices,

• Blue Marine Foundation,

• British Heart Foundation,

• Multiple Sclerosis Society, and

• Quidenham Children's Hospice.